Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Award! *gasps*

My sweet friend Kelsi Rose  gave me this award. And I have to admit, that I never fulfilled my responsibilities attached to my last award, so I felt like I really did have to do this one. Things like this are always difficult for me to do. 10 random honest things about myself, AHHHHH!

I voted for Obama, I support him and his politics. I don't want to hear any bashings, so If you want to do that, find someone else to listen to you, cause I am not interested. (wow I'm a not very nice person, am I? Sorry the junk email i just got telling me to "give Obama a piece of [my] mind" spurred that one. ) (image from here )

I don't think I own any socks. (image from here )

I have at least once purchased a bra from a second hand store.

It hurts me to buy something that isn't either on sale or at a discount store.

I have a hard time holding onto close friends, except for the few who have decided to stick by me no matter what I say or do, and for those few I am very very very grateful. I have been told that my "rules for the operation of friendships" is skewed which causes friction in relationship dynamics... However in my head, I am still unsure how to fix any of that... and I can't afford therapy! Ha!

I aspire to one day when I have all the money I could possibly want, to be able to go to Nordstrom and buy an expensive pair of designer shoes. Until then, I will just dream of being one of those rich people who can.
(image from here )
I also have always wanted to have a home where I could hang Christmas lights around the outside. This year, I pretty much could, except I have been advised that perhaps I shouldn't, that it might infer, "Rob me, I have expensive things inside" which is neither true, nor the message I would be trying to send. At least my friend Malia's husband put lights outside their house, like i would have wanted, so I can pretend to live vicariously through their house.

My freezer has no food in it. If we were unable to drive thru restaurants or go to stores tomorrow, I would probably starve to death. Sad story huh? I did however try freezing a galon of milk, I thought someone told me that was ok, but it sure looks gross all frozen, so I think that is probably no good, either. *sighs*
(image from here )

I bite my fingernails. Sometimes whilst biting them, i tear the end off, causing painful hangnails. It is a rare occasion when at least one of my fingers is not injured at any given time... Makes pushing car seat buttons a bit more challenging.... and turning keys, things that people truly take for granted being able to do painlessly.

Several years back in fell in a GYMBOREE, (I wrote about this when it happened, here ) and now my arm does not straighten out all the way. This is a painful and stupid injury, which really limits my ability to reach for things in the car while driving, or even just carrying my daughter at times. They had said that perhaps physical therapy could have fixed it or surgery, or both, but I had no insurance, so I went to an Urgent care twice. They wrote me two prescriptions for heavy pain killers and muscle relaxers. (here is the post from when I went to the doctor) Thanks a lot healthcare system! :)
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Now my Nominations for this award:

Camille of if you have ever read her blog, it speaks for itself, she always says it  how it is, and doesnt mind drama when the chips fall, as they ALWAYS do. She also has been doing really good at clicking on my blog and commenting on occasion, and I really do appreciate it!

Ratalienose- Your blog posts make me want to remember my High school years as better times. I think really it just is a testament to me, of how my days could have been, had I made different choices. Your curtain time post this week, really inspired me. It sounded like a dream, only I would have been on that piano in a smexy red dress.

Alison VP- Your writing is fabulous. Your readers love your posts not for bells and whistles, but for the content and meat you put into your posts. I love reading them, even if you are still in desperate need of a blog makeover :) xoxo

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babyhellfire said...

I love your posts :)

I neeed socks.
I had socks, I bought a big pack of them a less than a month ago- i just dunno where they are, I think my dryer ate them

Camille said...

Sweet. I think I just might have to participate in this award ceremony on my own blog! Thanks for thinking of me.

DON'T TOSS THE MILK! It always looks a little yellowish frozen, but it should still be fine once it's defrosted. My mom did this all the time, and my sister still does. I would, too, but dairy never goes on sale in Canada. Boo.

My fingernails are usually the way you describe yours, except I've been anal about not biting them at school because of all the swine flu germs there, so they are actually feeling pretty good lately.

The Waits said...

oh dear molly... you can come and look at our lights anytime..course, you have many times ( being parked in front of our house, even when we might not be home) *giggles*
Course, you can look at them from inside too! So if you ever decide to come in, I wouldn't mind that!
I love you!
p.s....i can't wait to give you a gift for Christmas!
OH...and milk, is great to freeze..yes it does turn yellow! I am freezing 3 gallons of it now! ;o)

Kim said...

I love the last few posts, I guess I've been behind in checking in with you. I do want to get together to make those cookies, they look yummy! No fights in behalf of Obama, it was inevitable that he would be president, not your fault.

Wendy said...

Cute golden guy award image! You do come up with some funny stuff. Nice awards and shout outs.

RatalieNose said...

You just made my day!! Thank you so much! Sorry I haven't been by in so long, finals are coming, choir concerts taking place and all that jazz.

I TOTALLY know what you mean about the nails thing, mine ALWAYS hurt!!

珊珊李 said...