Monday, June 16, 2014

Family Reunion Duck Creek, UT

My mother-in-law let me borrow her car to take the kids to my Shumway family reunion (for all my dad's brothers & sisters, nieces & nephews, and now grand nieces and nephews). My kids weren't super social but had a good time doing their own thing in our room most of the time we were there. It was fun to see my cousins and relatives that I feel so close to, and play some cards and have a lot of laughs. I feel so grateful to my Grandparents, and for the legacy they have left behind. I will try to post a big group picture once someone has put one up on our facebook page. Love to all. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 weeks

the last two weeks have been busy and full of goings-on. Usually I am home with my kids and do not have extra things that cause me to be away from them, but this year I was able to attend General Conference, both the Relief Society and Sunday Afternoon Sessions, which were both wonderful. My Sweet friend Jessica Richardson came with me to both and it was a wonderful experience. I also had the opportunity to go back to the temple last week and do my first session post going through for myself. the spirit was so strong and time and time again things happened to help affirm to me that I was where I should be. My gratitude is full for my Mother in Law and Husband who so kindly watched my kids when I was not home. On the way to conference on Sunday Afternoon I was able to be prompted to switch lanes just in time to avoid being a part of a 4 car accident. (I would have been smashed in between the first and second car. the Lord watches over and blesses me. I am certain of this. I am grateful for my life, for my two beautiful girls and a Husband who I love more than words could possibly express. I miss my Arizona family and friends, as I did recently miss the opportunity to go down and attend my 10 year HS reunion, but since I was home I was able to attend the Relief Society conference that was incredibly edifying, so I think I ended up being where I was meant to be.

I'm blonde these days, which is fun and different, you can check out my instagram pics on the sidebar if you haven't seen it. 

Love to all.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Life, or something like it

to me it is an odd phenomena how each day is placed before us, and mountains, holes, tornados and earthquakes (usually metaphorically speaking) are thrown in our path, and all we can do is try our best to endure it well, lose ourselves, and help others to also weather the storms. What should we be learning from our trials? What experiences have we had that could help another who will cross a self same path in the future? How does seeing the suffering of others provide us such divine perspective in handling the tasks--which we CAN survive with God's help--in gratitude our neighbor's trial is not our own, as we help lift our neighbor, and carry them through it, as the Savior would?

We can't do any of these things alone. Man is not meant to ever be alone. Even when I am the only person around, I can choose to live worthily to have the Holy Ghost as my constant companion. When I have no more answers, I can drop to my knees and plead to the heavens for support, comfort, perspective, and strength. New ideas will immediately surface, not mine, but His. How great thou art. Count your many blessings. Endure it well.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eternal Perspective

Well, I haven't been an excellent blogger of late, and I'm beginning to think more and more that the typewriter idea is a better one than online posting.. I guess as bad as it sounds, I fear the judgement of others and with age comes caution.

On the 5th of July I went through the temple for my own endowments. My parents, three brothers and sister came to be there with me, and it meant the world to me. A week before I went through I had a miscarraige of my baby at around 8 weeks. A very hard time for me, and I still don't quite feel like myself, in that fog I have made mistakes that I am now working through with my Bishop and I long for the day when I can go back inside the temple. It is a wonderful place, and the blessings there are unmatched by anything else I have ever experienced. I am grateful for a merciful God, and for his Son who died for my sins, and asks us only to come unto him, leave our burdens at his feet, and seek eternal life.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I Miss a typewriter

I miss the feeling of typing away on a typewriter. The sound of the keys and the ding at the end of the line. The creative feelings and sense of genius one feels while typing on a typewriter, like every stroke has importance, and urgency.

I think I want a typewriter again.

I decided to look online for people selling typewriters, and I found only one listing. I called the man and he has a workshop behind his house where he works on typewriters, and says he has them for sale that work from $40 up. He seemed happy that I called with interest. I hope I can get that money together soon and call him up to buy one, if nobody I know has one they want rid of first.