Saturday, September 29, 2007

A fall at Gymboree

Yesterday I was stranded at home, so my sister Wendy arranged for my Mom to come pick me up, take me with her to run a few errands, and then she would bring me to her house so I could hang out there, so that worked well. Then once my mom had to get ready for work around 2:30, Wendy called and invited us to run to Gymboree with her, and in my mind I was trying to decide if it was or was not a good idea to go, and I almost didnt go, but I wanted the outing so we went.

The good news is we found Scarlett's Halloween costume she is going to be a petal fairy. The bad news is that right after I paid, I went to go walk to where Wendy was waiting with Scarlett and the Stroller, and my dangerous shoes caused me to take an extremely hard fall. I landed on my left elbow then tried to cushion the fall with my right knee and left wrist. My left elbow and wrist are in excruciating pain. I have never been in pain this bad, it makes me think that labor was just a short and fleeting pain compared to this. I could sleep last night, just an hour here or there, because my arm just throbs and aches in most positions, including the typing position I am in now, but I wanted to let everyone know that it happened, and that I am trying to heal fast so I can go back to being a good mommy.

love, Molly


Nikki said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your fall, sounds horrible, hope that it heals well and is nothing more serious. I love the cute! and thanks for the card blogsite, I checked it out and it did have some really cute cards.

Kim said...

sorry to hear about your bum arm. This does not sound like a fun fall at all!!! Hang in there, I hope it gets to feeling better soon!!