Monday, October 1, 2007

Arm update

Well, Saturday my loving and concerned husband decided that I definitely needed to go get my arm checked out, so we went over to the urgent care over at Dobson and Frye. They x rayed me but couldn't find any breaks, so they just splinted me and gave me a prescription for Vicoden. Including the cost of the drugs, it cost us about $200. But then again that isn't too bad considering I don't have any insurance.

My wrist and arm are still really messed up, but they said if they don't get better within a week then to go see orthopedic specialist and see if they can do anything. of course we don't have money for any of that, so we are hoping it fixes itself. Being broken really does not work with my independent nature; i like to be able to do everything myself without any help and now I can only lift Scarlett with my right arm, and my knees hurt so i cant play on the floor with her. It is even hard to change my clothes or get my pants up and down to go to the bathroom. Scarlett knows that theres something wrong with me, and she doesn't like it.
but I am doing the best I can.

Scarlett's first tooth has cut through on the bottom. I can feel it, its sharp. Well gotta get my glasses away from Scarlett before she breaks them.


Kim said...

First tooth!! That is so fun!! I think Sage finally has 4 teeth, they come in 2 at a time. Sorry about that arm, I hope it does fix itself.

Nikki said...

The arm thing does not sound like fun. I sure hope it heals real soon so life will get a bit easier.
Man I wish Karsyn would get a tooth. She has been acting a little fussy lately so maybe it will be soon.

The Waits said...

That makes me sad :o(