Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Once Upon a December

Ok, so you all know this is my favorite time of year. I have been blogging, for, what seems like an eternity, and have documented December 2007 , December 2008 , and  here I am in December 2009, with more pics of holiday decor.

I've scaled back on the quantity of decorations this year, but definitely not the quality :)

I could only find one stocking this year :(

I love my tree this year, Thanks Brook & Rdell for helping me assemble my artificial tree and putting on the lights and star. LOVE YOU!

when I was finished decorating, I simply laid across the couch and put my feet up to admire my handiwork. I love my new throw featured to the left of this pic. I got it at D.I for 3 dollars, the patchwork squares are all different polyester fabric squares and the inside is an old lady flower print... I love it, love it, love it! The rust colored pillow was also 3 dollars at D.I.



Camille said...

It looks so cheerful! I always hate putting up the decorations, but that feeling of sitting back on the couch to admire the handiwork is very much worth the effort. Good on ya!

RatalieNose said...

Christmas decor just lights up my life!!!!
That pillow is awesome!!!