Friday, July 27, 2007


We are moving to the SYMPHONY apartments located on Frye just west of Dobson in Chandler. We can begin moving in on the 1st of August, and will have until the 20th to be out of our current place. It is a little nicer area and definitely a nicer complex with better amenities, plus its closer to Joe's work, so he has been talking about getting a bike and riding to work (Germann and Price). We'll see how that goes. We are also going to borrow against Joes 401k at work so that we can get into a much better car TBA as to when and what, but that little dream is what helps me deal with our car that has no A/C at the moment.

thats a mini update, and all for now, except that I am SOOO excited that my sister Sarah is moving back to the valley! I cant wait to hang out with her all the time :) Its only a few days away now.

Joe will also be going out of town next weekend for work, so Scarlett and I will be holding down the home front, and in the meanwhile Joe is working LOTS of overtime. Today he didnt even get to take a lunchbreak, which means neither did I. oh well, its just food. haha. Scarlett is making all kinds of funny noises in her crib so I suppose this means naptime is over. thats all for now I suppose.

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Kim said...

me too!! I'm so excited for Sarah to come... I think she is already on her way!!