Monday, August 31, 2009

tickled pink

So to the left is a Pink Dragonfruit. I wanted a pink fruit, so I searched google for "pink fruit" and this popped up. (image from
My background is pink for now, I felt more like pink dots than purple dots, for today.

I am pretty happy, right now. We have been spending more time together as a family, and Joe has been working a bit less, which has really helped my sanity. I think it is easier for people who have their perfect schedules and lives, when their husbands come home regularly at a predictable time each day, not that I am making excuses.

We are pretty happy as a whole. Scarlett is really into "race cars!" We figured out how to make a bridge out of her blocks, and she drives her little red dye cast car underneath it, and just thinks its the coolest thing ever! We picked up some more little cars at Walgreens today. She is way more into cars than she is babies. She doesnt like babies at all. Definitely thinking we will probably get a dog instead of another baby, once we have enough space for one.

Last night I had the most wicked abdominal cramps, I swear they were as bad as my contractions were, when I was pregnant with Scarlett. When I told Joe this, he freaked out a bit, but I told him, it is probably nothing. I used to have terrible cramps long before i was ever pregnant with Scarlett, normally during those lovely "aunt flo visits", so I figure it is just some lovely discomfort associated with womanhood, or digestive issues.

Joe is still dieting. He has lost over ten pounds. He has YOR Health shakes and omega rich peanut butter for two meals a day and rice and beef for lunch. Sounds awful to me, though, I have been trying to take some of YOR's supplements to see if I can benefit at all from their magic.

Sending happy thoughts your way.


Wendy said...

I'll bet you love having Joe home more. Glad you are feeling happy. Can't blame Scarlett for enjoying cars, we definitely love cars. Joe definitely is paying the price for that 10 pounds. Love the hello kitty bandaid and flower in your hair.

The Waits said...

Dear ms. MOLLY, you are R.A.D.! I love your picture!
I am so glad to hear that you are getting to spend more time with Joe! I am sure you and little Scarlett are benefiting from his presence!
happy happy happy for you all!

RatalieNose said...

Yay for Hubby at home!
Yay for being happy!
LOVE the pink background!

babyhellfire said...

Mmm that fruit looks soo yummy.
Looks very cheerful. Aww cars are soo fun. Little toys that are that consuming and distracting are a godsend.

Lawanna said...

Hey Molly, I love your blog, the pink is so you! I am with you I love having my honey around also, it makes me happy.

Beary Bee said...

I love what you write. Just have to tell you that before I forgot. Now I have a question! Why are you wearing a Hello Kitty Band-Aid? Do you have a boo-boo or is it for funsies?

✩Molly✩ said...

Lol. - love that you just came out and asked about the bandaid :) I wear neclaces a lot, and I sweat a lot so the result is I get gross zit on my neck. This one was a particularly BAD case, lol! So I finally got it good, but it looked disgusting, so I put the cute band aid over it, so that I could still wear my favorite little Holly Hobby necklace and not disturb onlookers with my greusome fleshwound.

I am sure that is far more info than anyone truly desired, but you DID say you love what I write. :D I am always excited to find I have more readers than I knew. - checked out your blog, and it is adorable. I LOVE the header. Wanna make me one?

Beary Bee said...

Why thank you! I would totally help you out HOWEVER... although my posts are all my own my sister Caroline (idk if you remember her) is the one who did my awesome header. She is so crafty whereas I am computer illiterate. Kind of. Unless I really try. Ha ha ha!! And I love your story about your band-aid. Never too much info for me! And if I haven't already I plan on becoming an official "Red Rawlins" follower in the very near future so hooray!