Monday, July 30, 2007


Yes, yes, its true. I got a haircut Saturday afternoon and I'll just let you see for yourself.. :)

(given these are pictures I took this morning having not done any thing to my hair, but I had to try out this cool photobooth thing on our new Macbook. Its pretty rad, and then Iphoto comes in to fix the exposure in this poorly lit room.)

I sort of got the idea that most people dont like my haircut... which is sad.. but I like it. No more hair in my face! No more hair on my neck, HOORAY!

My sister Sarah, also got here on Saturday night from Seattle, and they will be moving into their house on FRIDAY.. Whats funny, is that we should start moving the day after tomorrow, and I dont have a single box packed, I am SUCH a procrastinator! My plan has been to just try to clean everything up so it will be easier to pack when we do. Gosh, last time we moved I was 7 months pregnant and I had more energy to move than I do now. funny funny stuff. So leave me some love. I sort of got the idea that most people dont like my haircut... which is sad.. but I like it.

Scarlett is trying to pull the blanket she is laying on right up over her head, the silly nut. I just love her. Hope you are all having a great day.


Kim said...

Your silly! Your haircut is great! It looks very cute. As is your darling daughter. What is up with her waking up so much? Maby she was just bored not really starving! I invited Nikki to do bows with us

Trixymom said...

I miss read kim's respons and thought you were all taking bows ( like on a stage), yeah I know right what would you guys be bowing for... but nevertheless. I love your hair. I am very impressed at your daring nature and ease being thrilled with a new haircut. I trim a few inches and go into shock. I thought it was fabulous that she dyed your brows, well done. It is nice to be able to polish up quickly a benefit I don't currently reap. I would not have thought these pictures were taken after rolling out of bed. In conclusion, I am a fan of Scarlett and Gary, and of course you and your haircut.