Friday, July 27, 2007

Intro to US

My name is Molly Shumway Rawlins. I am 22 years old, and am a mother of one. I graduated from Westwood High School in 2003. I enjoy movies, fashion magazines, myspace, shopping, writing, art, TV game shows, HGTV shows, and spending time with my husband and daughter.

This is my husband Joe. He works very hard to support us and is a wonderful dad to our daughter. He also loves movies, and aspires to someday be a movie maker himself. He has written many scripts, novels etcetera. He also enjoys reading books and researching current events and topics that peak his interest. He is my favorite person.

This is our daughter, Scarlett Paige. She is so beautiful as you can see. She loves to play with toys, and lay on the floor. She likes to roll from side to side, and can now roll over from her tummy to her back with ease. She loves to smile for her mom and dad but can sometimes take a while to warm up to those she sees less often. She was born on December 17th, the day after my birthday, and is 7.5 months old. we love her SO MUCH.

I guess thats all for this blog, but now that I know how to do this, I can post our new pics and news here! love you all.


TrixyMom said...

Okay, I love the family intro. I also love the little sheep scarlett has, where did you find that cute little thing? I LOVE the Red Rawlins girl. I do so like the red rawlins clan, I do so like them fam I am. I would like them in the rain, on a train, with a fox, in a box, in a house and with a mouse. Then End.

Molly said...

I got the sheepy from carters outlet in AZ mills, but it was the last one and was a HUGE ORDEAL to purchase because it didnt have a tag on it, so the girl almost wouldnt sell it to me. I paid $7 for it. Glad you like the hair and Scarlett with Gary pics. Who is trixymom?