Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Melodramatic? Perhaps.

Okay so maybe I haven't lost all faith in humankind. That might have been a bit grandiose. We got the car towed to my parents house. Getting it started to park it better will be the next task... Since it won't even start.

Joe has some more work lined up for this week and I'm hoping we will be headed to Utah by the weekend or Monday at the latest. Rita says the weather is nice up there, which is exciting. I'm just kind of ready for a brief change of scenery.

Friday I have an appointment with Scarletts school to review their education plan for her for the fall. She is getting so big, and I'm grateful that they will be able to help her.

Eloise is an all star roller these days, I can tell she is already annoyed that she can't crawl yet. She loves to jump around in her jumper and play with Scarlett. She is also loving food. No I don't usually give her table food, she just needed something to chew on, I think it soothed her gummies.

Good night my friends. Love, Red


Wendy said...

You are getting great pictures of the girls. I remember when mine were both really young, and I was worn out, blogging the cute things they did really helped me.

Lindsey said...

Your girls are so cute! Have fun in Utah. I imagine that the weather will be amazing :)