Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Losing faith in mankind (amended)

So remember that check we were waiting to clear? Chase bank LOST the deposit. There is NO trace of the deposit in the branch's system. So now we are just out of luck until they find it. Joe needed to take care of this car business today and we are still screwed. No break for us. We may decide to switch banks because this is not a small error. I am completely disgusted at the ineptitude of bankers.

UPDATE: luckily since I was able to find the deposit slip they were able to research it out and posted the funds to the account immediately. Thank heavens. Looks like we are going to have to use most of the funds to resolve the car issue, by having them tow the car someplace else since we don't want to risk driving it with expired tags. What a mess.

On the up side my girls are adorable and doing well.

I got my hair done Saturday and got a chemical burn on my scalp. But my hair does look great, and I like that it has more blonde in it, fun for summer. Feels healthier since we cut a couple inches off.

Sending my love, from inside my house. Love, Red.


Kim said...

the hair looks great. Is Eloise gnawing on pizza? Big girl!

Wendy said...

Imagine if you lost that receipt?! Disturbing. Sometimes just getting the money to which you are entitled doesn't seem like a good enough resolution...what if they hadn't found the lost deposit, their error, but your problem!

Glad at least that worked out.