Friday, May 13, 2011

Not so lucky 13

I don't think there have been very many days in my life that I've been happier to see end than this one. When I woke up, our cell phones had been turned off. Due to a miscommunication with AT&t's rep, our payment had not in fact been scheduled to be taken out. We quickly made the payment and I called up and made sure since the person had been unclear that we not be charged any disconnect fee.

We also had been feeling the stress of not receiving a check promised to arrive WEDNESDAY with still no sign now on Friday making a deposit unfeasible until after the weekend. We did finally get an email letting us know we should get it tomorrow... But no funds available till Tuesday. We have less than $50 until then. Stress.

But we were attempting to stay calm and optimistic, until we got a knock on the door, a neighbor telling us Joes car just got towed. Really now. $120 plus $15 for each day it sits in there. Towed for having expired tags.

With money low, funds and food meager, and stress high, I had a migraine. Even out of water, the stuff from the tap made my stomach turn. Ellie is fussy with teething. I attempted to maintain my sanity, taking the crumbled bits of broken Excedrine tablets to ease the pain.

Trimmed Scarletts bangs.

Fed Ellie rice cereal and a formula bottle. I decided I deserved a booby break, feeling dehydrated and weak. Now the girls are both asleep and I'm glad to be laying on my bed. Here's hoping tomorrow's better... It's gotta be.


Kim said...

So sorry to hear about the bumps in the road. Has a good nights sleep made today any better? I feel you on the bottle thing, sometimes it just feels nice to not give everything you have..... literally.

Wendy said...

Mol & Kim too funny on the milk mommy comments. I do remember that feeling. Hang in there moll! Atleast you have some cute baby smiles around.