Thursday, May 19, 2011

What kind of animal are you?

When watching TV Scarlett will often say, "what is that human doing?" I only realized tonight that she doesn't know that "person" is the more commonly used vernacular.

Scarlett however doesn't usually classify the immediate members of her family into the human phylum.

Daddy is a Zebra

Mommy is a Giraffe

Eloise is an Elephant.

Scarlett is a "mad monkey".

These images were all drawn by me with the new free Paint Can 3 app.

I once asked her, if you're a monkey, then what is your cousin Rachel? "she's a monkey like me.... Because shes my friend."

A few weeks ago at the store we saw a shirt with zebra stripes. "oh look!" she exclaimed, "it's a zebra, like dad!"

I think it may be a positive thing that Ellie is an Elephant as they are Scarletts favorite animal at the Zoo. Last time we went to the zoo we didn't get to see the Elephants because it was closing, so my sister Sarah told her the Elephants were sleeping already. Scarlett frequently tells me, we need to go to the zoo, to see the Elephants, cause they're not sleeping anymore.

When I showed Scarlett the pictures of the animals I drew she wanted me to draw a picture of mommy daddy and scooby. Then she remembered we should draw Eloise too. Then she wanted me to draw Scooby in her room. We talked about the different things in her room and I drew the curtains, and she made sure I added the polka dots. Also that I should draw her, "I'm orange." she said, (which I think may be why orange is her favorite color) and reminded me to draw her rainbow dress.


babyhellfire said...

LOVE it!! The giraffe is super cute

boot said...

She is so creative, and so are you. this is a good thing for you guys to share. :)

Wendy said...

Very sweet. I like the drawings.