Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Muffin Mornings, Rainbow evenings, and Rainy days.

Every day brings something new and different. Yesterday morning Scarlett and I woke up before Eloise and made poppyseed (Scarlett calls them "puppy seed") muffins. It's from a wonderful #10 can mix that wonderful Rita brought us when she came last month. Scarlett has never liked muffins prior to this.

I don't know if its because I let her help make them or what, but she would single handedly eat the whole dozen if I let her!

Eloise awoke with lots of happy faces to share.

Scarlett really likes to hold Eloise now and since Ellie is getting better at sitting up, she does pretty well with it. Of course I have to stay nearby because Scarlett doesn't realize that when Ellie tries to dive out of her arms, she is headed for a painful face-plant!!

Scarlett has several imaginary friends, one of which is "Joe" (we think from blues clues?) who has recently become "Baby Joe". Unlike most kids with imaginary friends, she acts out the "roles" of each friend, voices included. This is a picture of "baby Joe in his crib".

(apparently he is camera shy)

Here is the floor playtime, with and without Scarlett.

Last night was also the Relief Society birthday party for my Moms ward. Unfortunately she had to work and wasn't going to be able to attend, so I recruited my Sister Wendy who just moved into that ward to come with me. Luckily they had childcare so I could bring Scarlett with me as Joe was working late. The theme was The Wizard of Oz. When I was a little girl I used to watch a VHS tape recording from TV over and over again of this fine film, so my Mom urged me to attend. It was a really nice program and good food (baked potatoes are my absolute fave). I was glad I attended. They also had rice krispie treats and cupcakes too. Before we left I took scarlett to see the "rainbow" they made out of helium balloons. She loved it and I took this pic of her with it. Great Job Nikki Shum on planning it!!

I even took a shower and did my hair and makeup to attend!! Okay maybe some post soon I will stop discussing my personal hygiene but today is not that day, lol.

I didn't sleep super well last night. Scarlett didn't want to stay in her bed but then was noisy and made my quality of sleep suffer. Then add in a few feedings throughout the night (earlier than usual)... This was me in the morning...

Scarlett & Eloise.

Today was a bit cloudy and rainy. Just a sort of gray day, and so too was my disposition. Scarlett's shoe had been missing since the night before when we were getting ready to go to the RS thing, so we couldn't go to the store with Wendy, and Scarletts other pairs of shoes were in my car, at work with Joe.

He did eventually come home for work so we dropped ourselves over at W's house and spent the afternoon there. S was pleased to find they have Tangled on DVD. She loves that movie and we don't have it, much to her dismay. She also spent a couple hours playing with her cousins before she brought us back home.

I feel lucky to have my family all so close together, and enjoy the time we can spend with one another.

We made chili for dinner, and Joe brought home some M&M cookies for us. He got home early enough to get to spend some time with Ellie Jane before bed, which was great because often his work schedule makes that more difficult. Here are some pics.

Now it's about 930. Ellie's asleep and Scarlett is getting tired too, as am I. Joe is asleep on the couch. Good night world wishing you all a beautiful day on the flip side. -Red.

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Allyson & Jere said...

Ok, so I'm FINALLY getting a chance to catch up on blog reading. And YOU have been quite prolific, which is great!

Anyway....Ellie is just adorable, for sure! had to laugh at Scarlett and her imaginary friends. And I agree, it is great to have family so near and be able to spend time with them all.

But, what really grabbed my attention here is....Wendy moved? WHAT? Where did she move to? Why? When? I feel so out of the loop.