Thursday, April 7, 2011


This morning, for the first time in a long time I woke up feeling fully rested. That was fantastic. Eloise woke up before Scarlett which was nice providing me time to feed her and get settled before Scarlett awoke with her own set of demands.

Scarlett and I played with her Dora Dominos, and picked up some in the living room. Eloise stayed awake for the full 3 hours between her feedings and then fell fast asleep after eating, took a nice long nap in her crib! She didn't even wake up when I laid Her down. I'm battling her cradle cap again, but dandruff shampoo definitely seems to be working. Scarlett helped me give her a bath later this afternoon. Ellie did so well, didn't cry at all.

Fed her and she fell asleep again, but Scarlett woke her 5 mins later.

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