Monday, April 4, 2011


Doesn't seem like anything spectacular took place. Eloise is getting closer and closer to rolling onto her tummy from her back. She gets two-thirds of the way and uses her body to pivot around on the blanket but doesn't kick her feet over.

We have finally reached the point where tummy time no longer feels like a punishment to her, yahoo!

I have been trying to find a way to get her to nap better. She likes to fall asleep in my arms but then wakes up as soon as I set her down as evident in the following photos.

Scarlett had a whole lotta bad attitude today. If we are friends on Facebook you can watch the video of her yelling at me. I wish I could say this rarely takes place, but anyone who knows my 4 yr old knows that discontent is a common characteristic of hers... But to her defense she does seem to enjoy being grouchy.

The Scarlett yelling does tend to wear me out, and I longed for a nap all day, to no avail. But by 9 Eloise was asleep and by 10 Scarlett was, IN HER OWN BED!!!!!!!! So now here I lay, blogging on my iPhone, excited for a nice long restful night of slumber.

There was some snuggling on the couch today. Eloise watches Scarlett in wonder and sometimes uncertainty..

Eloise also spent some more time bonding with her baby. Scarlett came up to us to commentate. She said, "wook! Ellie Jane has her own baby, and she can feed her from her booby!" I quickly assured Scarlett that Ellie's boobies do not have any food in them, so she could not feed her dolly. She quickly responded, "but I can!" As she pulled up her dress to find her little booby. It was pretty cute.

Just before Scarlett's bath she performed a one girl show, singing, playing the keyboard AND the tambourine all at once. I think when she grows up she wants to be a rockstar.

My friend Emilie brought me an antenna with the digital converter box and remote for my TV this evening. I got it set up all by myself and am excited to be able to watch my shows again! I am so grateful for all of the good in my life.

Lots of Love,


Kim said...

Doesn't sound non-eventful to me!! It's well documented and it sounds like a fun day! Our was much like that too. Does that mean your done with cable now since you have an antenna?

Wendy said...

Great pictures. Love the recap. Sounds like lots of fun with siblings going on over there.