Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tales of Ponies and Ponytails.

So normally Scarlett Paige HATES to have her hair in a pony. This is one of the reasons I cut into her mane recently, so as to diminish some of the bulk that is her hair, but today for some reason, when I pulled her hair up and put the elastic around it, she didn't jerk or whine, but instead stated, "I just wuv my pony today" I was dumbfounded. So I quickly grabbed my phone to snap some shots of this glorious pony. I wont lie, it was a mess. It was simply a quick effort to cool down her sweaty head, but she posed like a little supermodel. ADORABLE I say.

I think she looks a little bit like me in that last pic. I love her so... Even if she is noisy :)

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