Friday, April 1, 2011

Mis-heard Words

So it always makes me laugh when I listen super close to Scarlett's speech. I you've ever watched the show Rugrats, the kids are always saying/calling things by words that they hear wrong. Here a few of Scarletts:

"daddy has all of the soup-cases, so he can take them to work with uncle Paul and make music"

"the game is called 'tug of world' "

I might start posting all of her mis-speaks randomly just so I don't forget to document them. She is so funny and wonderful.

Today Ellie Jane has been queen of the carpet (or blanket rather) rolling around playing with toys. She even took a nap on the blanket. Its funny cause I rarely ever let Scarlett hang out in just a diaper, but it's so hot that Ellie is already becoming a big fan of going in the buff. No worries, not in public!!! That would be trashy, lol.

Ellie found her toes last week.. Now we find her holding Onto them all the time :)

I got a shower today and blow-dried my hair! Woo hoo! Didn't exactly get dressed... But babysteps right?

Yesterday I did laundry! I think the last load is probably done in the dryer, and the rest is already folded, half put away. It's nice to have plenty of clean underwear for everyone.

Can you believe it was 95 degrees yesterday?! I am not looking forward to Summertime utility bills, that is certain. Thinking cool thoughts. Love, Red.

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