Thursday, March 31, 2011


Since yesterdays post went so well... (much easier than on the computer for the pictures anyway)

More news... Two days ago I packed up my cox boxes and returned them to their store. This will save us $100 a month. Joe got is an appletv box for $99 and I signed up for Netflix. I'm pretty impressed with netflix, and was on cloud 9 for the first two days, but I will admit,
This morning when Scarlett woke up wet at 430am, I wished I had a kid channel that would continue playing so I could go back to sleep.

I also miss watching "the Talk" every day on DVR, missed the first episode of the new season of Secret Life of the American teen, and I'm sure Joe misses the recordings of the Daily show and his shows.

I just took this cute pic of Scarlett and Ellie playing. S is potty trained but usually wears a diaper at night. Last night, we picked up Joe from the airport, and Scarlett fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep when we got home, and we forgot to put a diaper on her. Luckily Eloise wakes up to eat at 4:30 or so every morning, so it was less troubling when she came wandering in for help at that time. Was also good that El was in her own room and not troubled by the noise. She didn't wake up until after Scarlett got settled so that was also a blessing.

We were glad to get Joe back home safe and sound. He went to FL for 2 days for a shoot and got to fly home First class, for the for the first time. I have never flown first class either, so I asked Him all about it on the car ride home. He said he ate pork and it was rather good, that the seats were really comfy, and just like I have seen in the movies they *do* bring you a warm towel.

Speaking of towels.. I definitely need to do laundry today. I still struggle to get it done... Its like I have a mental block against it. Maybe its just the going outside to do it, or the lack of remembering to change the load.. But whatever it is, I could definitely use improvement in this area.

Scarlett is loving the netflix though. She has become a huge fan of the new carebears movies and all things Rugrats. I'm considering getting a second box for scarlett so that I can watch something different at the same time, however I know spending less time watching tv will give me more time to get things done.

Coming across this pic reminded me to tell you about my St Pattys day fall. So, since we have a shortage of willing babysitters, Joe and I went out separately on that night. after he got home and I already had Eloise asleep in bed, I took off to go see a movie by myself at Cinemark. I even wore green. I got my little popcorn and ICEE and entered the theatre. The previews had already started, so i walked in, partially just watching the dark screen while deciding where to sit. I decided to sit in the row with the bar in front, and went to step into the aisle and it dropped down causing my feet to give out under neath me. Right ankle twisted, left shin whacked on the step, popcorn sailing through the air. The theater was COMPLETELY empty. Nobody was there to hear my cry. I grabbed my phone and texted from the floor:

The conversation continued and I eventually got up and hobbled out to tell them I fell. They didn't offer to refill my popcorn which was a bummer, since I didn't really want to hobble over to the concession stand in this state. I filled out an incident report, and decided to watch the movie. Adjustment Bureau was good. FF to now: ankle still hurts. Sucky sucky.

But at least I can walk, and have ankles to give out underneath me. I'm grateful for my life, my sight, and my beautiful family, and lastly for my wonderful friends. Love to all, Red.

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