Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blogging from my iPhone

Okay, I can't lie. A few weeks ago I ran into my cousin allyson, who is an excellent blogger, and was experiencing some guilt for not keeping up on my blog. IN my defense, I never have access to a computer anymore, so I PURCHASED a blog posting app, which I am using to create this post, and if all goes well, perhaps I can get out of this blogger-slacking rut.

Okay I'm now going to give myself permission to rant about this child here:

I know she looks innocent here, and okay maybe what I'm complaining about is innocent, but for the love of PETE could she just please not sing at the top of her lungs during naptime?!? This one needs her sleep!!!!

And I just want a little break!!!! Please!!! Too much to ask?! I guess so... Grrrrrr! At this time of day I'm ready to sell the older one to the pygmies.

Sometimes (ok pretty much all of the time), they play sweetly together. And Eloise loves Scarlett, and likes watching her every move. She likes to laugh at all the silly things she does.

Eloise has become an all-star roller! She can roll from her tummy to her back and even from her back to her sides. She loves having the ability to maneuver on her own. It scares me to think she will be crawling around everywhere before I know it!

At Eloises last checkup she was 15lbs 3 ounces!! Can you believe she has more than doubled in size in under 5 mos? Truly crazy for sure.

I cut Scarletts hair a few weeks ago. Its far from perfect but luckily her hair is pretty forgiving. I got my hair done finally a month or so ago, too.

I'm always sure to take pics of my hair as soon as I get home, just in case I cant make it look as good, at least there's documentation of it's greatness. My hair problems however, fall in the lazy category. Lets face it, I'm lucky to get a shower, let alone time to do my hair... Weekly.

Doesn't seem fair to only rant about Scarlett so here is a small complaint about my otherwise perfect baby. She pinches to the point of bruising, scratches my chest and arms, and pulls my hair DAILY. Can I get an ouch?

This is Ellies bedroom, with crib and changing table my Sister Sarah so kindly sold me for $50 which is what she paid for them at a yard sale a few months back. My wonderful mother in law paid for it and came and helped me clear out the room and get the furniture assembled, along with closets organized, and I am sooo grateful. I told her I wished she could stay forever.

I guess that's all for now. I'm excited to push send and see how this looks on my blog. All my love to those of you who still read this!

Rants and Raves,


Rebecca said...

Molly! I still read, and I wait for a new post. I was thinking that you could sell Scarlet to the cannibals, like in the road show. I am sure she is talented enough to keep them from eating her.

Kelsi Rose said...

That was me, Kelsi. Blogger hates me today.

babyhellfire said...

AWWWW!!!! Such cuteness!!!! cutesposion all around! I still read and I can't wait for more posts either soo glad to see you blog agian

Photography By Jo said...

Both your girls are SOOO adorable! That is talent posting from your iphone!

Allyson & Jere said...

Yay for you and your phone app. Welcome back. Ok, your hair looked FABULOUS in the picture. Also, another picture you put up with your hair pulled back freaks me out how much like Gramma you look. Like, you look JUST like her.

Sucks about your fall in the theatre. Glad you're doing ok.

And finally...think we're gonna give up tv next month. It's freaking me out a little, but I know it'll be for the best.