Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's in a Middle Name?

Well, for me, a middle name is sort of a big deal.

Growing up, I didn't have one, and always felt like I was missing out on something. When I got married, I was relieved to be able to fill that empty space with my maiden name. But let's face it, Some people never get married, and why should a person have to spend their entire life without a middle name?

Okay on to what this post was really intended to be about... I can't make up my mind on this middle name thing. Do you choose a family name, or do you just choose the name that sounds the cutest to you, or is the funnest most fun for you to write out on paper?

Give me your input, guys!

I have settled on the first name of Eloise. Here are some of the names I am considering for middle status:

Jane (just a really cute name, very classic)
Julia (Joe's Grandma's name. Eloise is a variant of Louise which is my Grandma's name)
Violet (continues the color theme)
Mabel (means lovable! isn't that cute?! and is another old lady name, you know I am a sucker for those)

--I decided I can't do Faye (my Mom's middle name) because her initials would be EFR... nobody wants to be a little EFR.

If you hadn't noticed, the clock is ticking my friends. I am 34 weeks pregnant, getting huge, and Eloise could be here at any moment in a middle name-less predicament! As Scarlett would say, "We can't let that happen!"


I shared my Mabel Suggestion with Joe this afternoon. He said, "yeah, and if you name her Mabel, she will never get married." This answer shocked me! I did admit to him that I got the idea for Mabel by someone commenting on my blog that I should NOT name my daughter Mabel, and yet I liked it. He said, "Oh, of course you did." I told him, 'I love it and you HATE it... (insert pouty face here)' He said, "No, I like it just fine, our daughter doesn't have to ever get married, that is okay with me... maybe we could change Scarlett's middle name to Mabel." I glared at him. I love him, even if sometimes he is a punk. :)


Lindsey Layton said...

I say go with Jane. I love that it is so classic. I have always loved that :)

Molly said...

We have named both our kids middle names with family names. Nixon Adam - Adm is Steven's middle name. Claire Denise - Denise is Stevens Moms middle name. Mabel is my Grandmas Middle name! I think its adorable. But!! I think whatever you name your baby will be fine. The old saying "The Child Becomes the name" is so true. I think people are ridiculous who say they have to wait to meet the baby to see if they look like a so-and-so...of course they'll look like a so-and-so if you name them that! HA! Anyway, I think whats important is that YOU and JOE like the name. Heck, go with two middles if you can't decide. Lots of people are giving their kids two middles these days. Then you could still do Faye too :) HUGS! My grandmas middle name is Mabel. She got married. ;P

✩Molly✩ said...

Thanks Molly :) Your comment has made me very happy. Joe has already told me that I need to stick to one middle name. My original plan was to give her two... he said it was too much. Love ya!

Allyson & Jere said...

Ok, first things first...I can't read your text on this new background. It's REALLY hard and I had to concentrate and squint a lot. Just thought you should know.

NOW, let me just be the voice of reason here. I'll be straight up honest with you, 'cause sometimes I'm good like that.

JOE IS RIGHT! DO NOT name your child Mabel, don't insert it anywhere in her name. Please, just don't do it.

There, I got it off my chest.

I like Jane, I think it's your best choice in that bunch.

Your little EFR comment cracked me up. And ok, it's true.

That said, we named both of our kids with family middle names.

Maggie is a variant of Margret which is Jeres Moms name, so her middle name is Dian, after my Mom.

Max's middle name is after his Grandpas middle name.

I NEVER thought I'd be one of those people that did family names, and here I am.

Wendy said...

I am with Allyson, NO on Mabel. I think Eloise Violet and Eloise Jane sound pretty, I like Eloise Grace also. I would suggest Eloise Wendy, but that would be hideous! :0)

The Waits said...

i love Jane as a middle name!!! I would love to have a little girl that had that middle name. ( Ellie Jane, sounds lovely! <3)
But I also like does keep with your colored theme.
And Mabel, not so much.....
But whatever name you pick, im sure it will be the right name for her!

Sassysewer's Creation Station said...
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