Monday, September 20, 2010

No baby in the bucket!

I'm sure you have all seen this label. If you are like me, you even thought it amusing, and chuckled a little when you first saw it. It was not until I had a child of my own that I realized the amazing DRAW children have to bins of this sort. 

I suppose we are not really ignoring this label since those lids ALWAYS get pitched, leaving just an open topped bin that Scarlett LOVES to sit in. Oh yes, she must DUMP OUT all the toys that were being stored inside and sit in it. Today apparently it's a "bathtub". I'm still not totally sure why we bother buying this kid toys, when she is going to make her own out of random common place household items. She also finds it to be a very comfortable recliner when filled with laundry, dirty or clean. 

When she isn't inside of it, she's on top of it... as a chair, or kneeling beside it as a table. But, beware of the lip around the top edge, when upside down it can hurt their toes when they step on it.... That would be a good warning to add to the label...


Wendy said...

What they should warn us is, keep thesebuckets away from your children or they will all be broken. 80% of my bins are broken by children playing in and on them. So frustrating, yet cute at the same time.

✩Molly✩ said...

Wow, Scarlett has yet to damage one!

Lost said...

Today it is a bathtub..just remember to not let her put water in it. :)

And yes, I still do read this :P just don't always have the time to comment.

Love ya.