Friday, September 17, 2010

Everyone wants to be a Winner.

For me, today is no exception. My gem of a friend Camille, from Archives of our Lives is doing a giveaway with 10 yes, I said 10 winners. I love to win, and never do... but I thought

"Hey, maybe today my luck will change. It's my turn for some good fortune!"

Pipe dreams aside, check out her post here... and enter. If you don't want a cute flower, then enter anyway, and give it to me. 

look how adorable she is, and that bone structure. There is one of the flowers that she clipped to a dollar store headband... couldn't be cuter or more chic, I say.


Camille said...

Bone structure? Awesome.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Camille said...

(I meant that you pointing out bone structure was awesome...not that I necessarily believe the bone structure itself is awesome. I'm so awkward.)

✩Molly✩ said...

lmao. I love that. Awkward is my favorite.