Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today my sister Sarah said that Thursday night TV is like a reward for making it most of the way through the week. I have to agree with her... so very well said.

Today in general has been a pretty good day for us, at the Rawlins Household. Scarlett and I got to go to the Zoo (image from here) with Sarah and Tyson at about 10:45 and arrived back home at around quarter to 2. We love our brief trips to the zoo, and are grateful for Sarah's season pass and her generosity in driving us there with her. Her car has nifty built in car seats in the middle seat. I LURVE that because, I LOATHE moving Scarlett's clunker of a car seat!

Anyway, we loved the zoo, and particularly again the Orangutan Exhibit. Apparently they are building a new one, and I hope it provides as up close a view as the one they have now. (image from here but i think this is an old picture, as baby is now a toddler) There is a Mommy, Daddy, baby and Grandma in the exhibit. The Dad is usually with his back turned ignoring the others and the onlookers. Actually all the Orangutans are good at ignoring the spectators, but they are fun to watch, especially that toddler. She was swinging around on a white sheet that she tied to the top of the ladder.

(image from here) Once she managed to pull it untied she was going to have to find something else fun to do so she went to the bottom left corner to see what Grandma was doing. Grandma looked a bit tired. she could reach her elbow all the way over her head to rest her arm over the top of her head and her hand would still reach her armpit. It would be nice to have such long arms. Scarlett was as fascinated with the scene as I was. We could have watched them for an hour had we the time. I would much rather watch a tv show about Orangutans than Meercats ANY DAY, just sayin....

TONIGHT- Joe is going to come home at a nice time, and I get to go see the easter pageant with my Mom and Sarah and maybe more peeps if they decide to come. I am excited about that, but mostly just the break. We are going to eat Pete's fish and chips too. *drools*

Thats all for now.


PS. My fetus widget is sucking its thumb today, which makes me smile.


Sarah S. Foote said...

I noticed your little thumb sucker. Can't wait to cuddle the newest baby Rawlins. Thanks for going to the Zoo with us. It's always fun to have the company!

✩Molly✩ said...

Love you Sarah! thanks for your comment!

Wendy said...

So your baby widget is sucking it's thumb, so cute! Great post you found some awesome Orangutan pictures. Wish we could have made it to the zoo.