Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Absowootely Not!

Scarlett's newest catch phrase, is "No Mom, Absowootely (absolutely) Not!" Others include, "Jumping Joobugs (Junebugs)!" and "Jiminy Crickets!"

We did manage to have a little drama a few days ago, when I tripped on the sidewalk carrying Scarlett to our car. We had left her shoes at Joe's work, so I was carrying her, and we were rushing off to help Joe with something, and my shoe caught the edge of the sidewalk where it turns. Mommy insticts of course kicked in, and i landed straight on my knees, and held Scarletts body snug against mine. Unfortunately her body is so long that the force of the fall still pushed her head back, and she got a lil bump on the back of the head with the sidewalk. It really scared her (and me!) more than hurt her and she was fine within a few minutes. I have a pretty skinned up knee, which is a nuissance, But still have full range of motion in my knees, so I am truly grateful that things didn't go worse.

Joe still works a lot. Thats not news, as people always inform me when I mention that :) I am grateful that he is so hard working and loving.

The other day I was talking to an old friend on Facebook, and he asked me what else has been on Molly's mind, besides the baby on the way, and the one that's already here. i thought and thought and thought, and couldn't come up with a darn thing that I think about! Aside from of course money problems etc, which lets face it, is no fun. (image from actually)

Then upon further consideration, I realized that I used to have a lot more thoughts, opinions, and passions in life. I used to have something to blog about every day.. and then someone sort of squashed me like a bug with their criticism of how I parent and live my life, and I haven't had an individual thought since. It seems completely wrong that a person--let alone an OUTSIDE person who doesn't even  KNOW me, could have so much power over me, and my life.

So, I am attempting to say that I am in need of some branching out. Feeding my brain and finding some INTERESTS! Hopefully just considering this, will help occasions to arise.

Boy, this has probably been a dull post. I have  been reading through this great cookbook my mom gave me, called Cooking with 4 Ingredients. Click on the image to go to where you can buy it. Its helping me to choose recipes I would like to make, and know what to pick up at the store so that I can make whatever sounds good that day. Any recipe with sour cream in it seems to really ring my chime in the appetite department. Oh and Cheese. I love cheese. *drools*

Thats all for now. Love you all!


Allyson & Jere said...

Well that sucks that someone did that to you. I don't know what happened or when, but it makes me sad to think that they got to you that deeply. Screw 'em, get on with who you are. That's what I say anyway. Sorry 'bout your fall, that is scarey. Glad you're both ok.

Rebecca Lynne said...

I cannot believe someone would say things to you about how you parent. I mean I do not agree with everyones parenting skills but not at all would I tell them that. How dare them. Don't let someone bring you down just take what they have to say, give it some thought and move on.

Keep up the good work!!!!

Wendy said...

Glad you both survived the fall..sounds like it could be much worse, yet still left painful reminders.

Forget the hater commenter.

It's my blog and I'll blog if I want to. :-) Pregnancy may have slowed you down too. I think winter and the holidays put most people into blog hibernation and now they are back. So come out and play!

Sarah S. Foote said...

I love hearing what you have to say. Love you!

PS I swear I wrote a really good comment already for this one. Did you reject it.