Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank you, for locking the gate.

Where I live now, I won't lie, I get scared sometimes... well... a lot of the times... and that became worse when my gate did not latch... I had this fear of people walking onto my porch, and breaking in through my sliding glass door. Paranoid? Perhaps. However, this is a legitimate fear of mine. Luckily whilst up in UT, my dad came over and helped my Husband install a lock, and a latch for that silly silly gate. I am instantly met with a calming peace regarding the gate situation... Small and simple means :) either way, I am grateful..

(ok so now I really want this art print found at

That was not the entire premise of this post. As most of you know, at least those of You in the US, today is Thanksgiving. Also, as most of you bloggers out there are aware, My husband works a lot... And holidays seem to mean very little to the company he works for, and the deadlines they enforce with an Iron FIST. So, my poor husband was going to go down to his office and work all day today only taking a small break to eat Thanksgiving dinner with my family and I.

So, off he went to work, and I was sad and pouty about it. About 30 minutes later, in he walked. There is a gate that leads into his industrial park where he works, and it was locked. He, does not have a key, so he came back home and spent the entire day with us. So thank you, gatekeeper, for locking the gate on Thanksgiving. (cool image from here )

I was happy. Selfishly happy. Poor Joe will have a lot more work to do tomorrow, as a result. But, I am happy we could have more time for hugs, and love. More time do remember why we fell in love,just over 4 years ago. Two people, madly in love, with each other, and movies.

He still thinks I am the cat's meow, and I am grateful for that. He is still my handsome stud, and I think he is happy about that, too. (ok so maybe we are not as hot as Tom and Katie, but you get the point, ha.)

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And, we both, still love the movies--Second only to our love for of the beautiful, intelligent, adorable Scarlett Paige.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Love to all of you and your kin...


addendum: I am so grateful that this happy Christmas season is upon us. In celebration, I have added my automatic shuffle and playlist to my blog for the christmas season, ENJOY!


Joe said...

I love you baby. I hope you still think I'm awesome. =)

✩Molly✩ said...

Of course I do.

Sarah S. Foote said...

Sweet Mushy. I love it!