Thursday, November 19, 2009

A place where Snow falls!

So if the subject line didn't give it away, I am in UT. Scarlett is with me, and we are visiting Joe's Parents, Glen and Rita. The drive wasn't bad actually, I am grateful that Rita is not a "no stops" kind of driver, and that Scarlett behaved so well, with little complaint over driving 12 or so hours in the car over the course of 2 days. We left Wednesday morning around 11, and spent the night in Kanab at a Comfort Inn. It was nice :)  It took Scarlett about an hour and a half to decide it might be okay for her to go to sleep, instead of just wanting to kiss me every few minutes and snuggle :) She is such a lover girl.
(to the right is  a pic of Kanab, pretty place... image from
Today we took off at about 1030ish from Kanab, and made it to  Lehi by about 3ish. I discovered "Fry Sauce" at DQ, which my mom has made for us to go with fish sticks all growing up, though I never heard it called "Fry Sauce" before.... must be a Utah thing.

Scarlett went to bed without TOO much complaint here at the house, once she realized I would be sleeping in the bed right next to where she was sleeping. I browsed my blackberry until she fell asleep, and was asleep for about 45 minutes before I tiptoed out to sneak onto a computer to blog.

My uncle Rick posted some pictures on Facebook tonight of my Shumway relatives, including my Grandma Shumway. I had never realized that we looked a little similar, but it made me smile. How I loved her. I have to admit I am already missing my Husband. He will supposedly be here for Thanksgiving. I am hoping that will be the case. He is settling well into working out in AZ, and we are enjoying lower electricity bills for a start! Our bill this month was only $99! I nearly went dancing in the street, till I remembered I am a bit afraid of my neighbors : / (image from

Well, I send my love, in this boring blog post that probably nobody will want to read. I was reading an ABC book today and thought it might be fun to do an ABC exercise, anyone who wants to do it on their blog is welcome to. List the first 3 words that pop into your head for each letter of the alphabet. Creativity is allowed when you get to letters like X and Z...

A- Art, Amphibians, Armadillos (Rita says that in Texas, they say, "why did the chicken cross the road? to prove to the Armadillo that it could be done" poor armadillos...).
B- Broccoli (Scarlett can't get enough of it), Blogs, Blackberry.
C- Chupa-Chups (image from , Cider (had some apple cider this morning at the inn), Calendars.
D- Dogs, Doorbell, Dinosaurs
E- Elephants (scarletts favorite animal, she kept hoping we would see one on the way, but only cows and horses appeared..) image from Eyes, Emu.
F- Fingernails, French fries, Freckles
G- Giraffes, Grass, Garbage
H- Hammer, Hanger, Handlebars.
I- Icecream, Igloos, Ink
J- Jaguar (both my husbands car and my daughters stuffed one), Juggling, Jester
K- Kiss, Kingpawn, Kaleidescope.
L- Ladybug, Lawnmower, Limbo.
M- Monkey, Marbles, Medicine
N- Numbers, Nuggets, and Now-and-laters
O- Octopi, Oranges, and Orangutans
P- Pumpkins, Pineapple and Penguins
Q- Queens, Quarries, and Quantum physics.
R- Radios, Rhubarb, and Rocket ships.
S- Snorkeling, Skydiving and Shaddow Puppets
T- Turkey, Turnips, and Thanksgiving
U- Umbrellas, Uncles, and Unicorns (another Scooby favorite)
V- Violins, Vaccuuming and violets.
W- Water, Winds and Walking sticks.
X- eXits, eXcapes, and eXtra terrestrials.
Y- Yodelers, Yaks, and Yarn knitters.
Z- Zifandels, Zinneas, and Zebras (image from

Good night friends, I wish you all an enchanting Holiday.



amattiee said...

your elephant pic is from the jungle cruise at disneyland. is it sad that i know that? i'm totally obsessed!

✩Molly✩ said...

hahaha! well, its an adorable elephant! I like it :)

RatalieNose said...

Oh how fun for you! I love Utah.
Yay for cheaper electric bills!!!

Lawanna said...

Molly, have a great Thanksgiving!! I just love your blog!!!

The Waits said...

i llove elephants!
I am so glad to have you back, safe and sound!