Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome Back, Molly!

So just a few short hours ago, a saintly man--well maybe he was just your average Cox Technician but his acts were saintly--came and connected my cable and internet.

Words cannot express how happy I am to be back on the internet, and with Noggin on the TV for Scarlett's viewing pleasure. Scarlett's new love besides her dear old mom, is Diego.

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I think she wishes he was real about as much as I wished Trent from Daria was real as a teenager. :)

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Pretty much quick update is as follows:

First week in the house: consisted of sleeping on the floor with scarlett, with no furniture the first 4 nights, with only one blanket and one pillow, which I gave to Scarlett... and froze. Luckily, Joe finally was able to come with the stuff, and having couches and a bed is a blessing I will never again take for granted.

The next one to almost two weeks: We have gotten more settled. I am trying to help us eat at home more. We are trying to eat all our dinners at home, and Scarlett and I are trying to eat our other meals here as well. Our savings are going to be immense, and I am living through the change and adjusting rather well.

The weather here is beautiful. We love the Woodbury community we live in. I love having so many stores and such so close. I havent had to buy gas in 2 weeks and still have half a tank. It rocks, I won't lie.

That brings us to today. This morning a lovely little package arrived on my front doorstep, from Joe's Mom, Rita. It really brightened my day. The purpose for the package was his dad sending a few books to Joe, but Rita put in a cute little outfit and headbands for Scarlett. Here are a couple pics of Scarlett in her new outfit.



also in the package, she put some beautiful re-usable shopping bags. I didnt even realize that was what they were at first because they were so beautiful, that I want to use them as accessories. I found a picture of one of them online. I would take a picture myself, but I cant find my camera charger and cable yet. The two pics above are from my cell phone emailed to myself and then posted.. sighs.


I will post more later, I am sure, as now the internet has returned to my life, bringing with it a state of constant bliss :)

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you, Molly. I know you will start clicking as you get reconnected with everyone. Love the pictures of Molly and your new place in the background. Dad and I were just talking about how we could do better by eating at home more than we do. Back to the kitchen I go! Hi,Ho! Love and joy to you. Praying for only good happenings for you out there in Sunny California! Mom

Anonymous said...

Reusable shopping bags are very trendy, and yours look especially cute! You're a good California girl already! I'm glad you're back.

ZippityDoDaw said...

What an awesome shopping back, wow, Rita knows you even better than I could've imagined possible!! Cute Scarlett outfit. Is that the Scarlett's room TV? Could she possibly have wood floors?

✩Molly✩ said...

Mom- I love you too!

Camille-:) I cant wait to go grocery shopping again, and bring them with! thanx for saying I'm a good California girl :)

Wen- I know right? I love these bags, they have a coordinating bag with them with another darling print and more cherries too, which i was too lazy to find a picture of, but i just love love love them. That huge TV she is watching is in the living room (well huge as in the biggest one we've got at 42") The living/dining/kitchen, hallway and bathroom (all located upstairs) have wood-looking laminate flooring as well as the entryway downstairs. It is a whole new and different kind of flooring than I am used to, but I will go into more detail on that in another post.

I promise as soon as I find my camera charger and cable, I will take more pics of the house.

wicklesskim said...

Glad to finally see a new post! I'm so glad you are doing well and getting situated! Eating at home and makeing food is always a great adventure, I'm sure you will pick it up easily. It is definately the thing that makes money streatch a little further. Can't wait for more pictures of the place and your views.

RatalieNose said...

I'm so happy you're back and that things are going well!!!!

niKKi said...

Yeah, you are back online, wahoo!! I would've gone a little nutty without the net!!! Sounds like you are getting in the groove of things very nicely.

RMMs said...

Fresh Beginnings! There are few things in life that are so wonderful. Now that you have a bare Pantry to work with - I hope you'll set it up with the Cooking from My Pantry system. It makes life so much easier and eating at home much more bearable. I re-designed the blog so check it out.