Saturday, October 18, 2008

Motorcycle accident

My heart was heavy and sad this morning, as I read my sister's post, which you can read here. My brother David and his son were in a motorcycle accident yesterday on their way into town from Tucson. They are both so hurt, and it just makes me quiver with sadness thinking of their misfortune. I love them so much.

As I read Wendy's post to my husband, I couldn't even read the whole thing out loud as I sobbed reading it. Knowing the love that parents have for children, I can just so empathetically relate to the pain of having a child get hurt.

One time, Scarlett took a spill out of a shopping cart out in front of Walgreens, and skinned her face up a little bit, and I was just so upset, as you can read in my post from then.You can see some of her little owies in this picture.

When I think of that silly experience, it just so pails in comparison, and yet, I remember all the pain and grief I felt in that silly situation. I will be keeping my brother and his family in my thoughts and prayers, and would ask you to do the same. love to all.

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