Monday, October 20, 2008

The Redbox

I am not sure if you all have heard of this, but at all Walmarts, Walgreens' and some Circle K's there are Redbox machines. You can see that there is one to Scarlett's left in the picture above. They only charge 99cents a day for renting new release films, and you can just rent and return as many as you want at a time, which is convenient without having to pay a membership. Also, most of the Walgreens Red boxes have the option for you to purchase DVD's from the box for only like $6 a piece.

Wheres the catch, you may ask?

If you lose a video they wait until it has been missing from the box for 25 days and charge you $25 for the video EVEN if you try to contact them to try and buy it for just the $6 and the number of days youve had it. The bums. I do not think I will be patronizing them in the future if they are going to have such poor customer service practices. too bad for them, because we are movie nuts. We will have to start using Netflicks, or one of those monthly rental things from the video store.

Forget Redbox. Perhaps red is not always best after all...

I may have to throw this into the Problem Attic so that I stop brooding over it!


Anjeanette said...

My sister was just telling me the other day how great Redbox is but I guess she hasn't heard the catch. The library has some pretty good DVDs and they are free.

ZippityDoDaw said...

Yeah, that is not good. I hate big penalties!. Everyone loses or damages a movie sometime.