Monday, June 17, 2013

I Miss a typewriter

I miss the feeling of typing away on a typewriter. The sound of the keys and the ding at the end of the line. The creative feelings and sense of genius one feels while typing on a typewriter, like every stroke has importance, and urgency.

I think I want a typewriter again.

I decided to look online for people selling typewriters, and I found only one listing. I called the man and he has a workshop behind his house where he works on typewriters, and says he has them for sale that work from $40 up. He seemed happy that I called with interest. I hope I can get that money together soon and call him up to buy one, if nobody I know has one they want rid of first.


April JoAnne said...

Interesting, I also have been thinking of how much I would like a typewriter again. For the same reasons! I love the weight of the keys as you type on one.
I hope you find a good deal on one!

✩Molly✩ said...

UPDATE: Joe bought me a Brother typewriter. They still make them new. Got the typewriter, extra ink and corrector for less than $100 including shipping. Works great, but I had forgotten how NOISY they are