Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lots of thoughts floating through my head!

1. I hate ants!!!!! (and spiders)

But unfortunately for you ants I have sent for reinforcements!!!! I'm having a pest control company spray our house and rid us of the lot of them. They're also going to help us evict the hornets who have taken up residence on our house outside and kill off all of our 8 legged friends. Until then I think I'll just hide in my bed (at least while Eloise naps :) )

2. I love fresh paint!

My parents helped me paint my new walls when they were here so my bedroom as two lovely brown walls and my living room has a beautiful "cherry tart" colored wall, and I love the way it looks next to my FINALLY delivered couch! (now if the ants would stay off of my couch, that'd be much better, just sayin). I managed to get some pictures hung on the walls today, made me miss a lot of the art I've parted with over the past few years.I guess it just makes room for the new?

3. Only thing suckier than going to school is trying to choose one for your child!!

Seriously, just when I felt like I had done all I could and had jumped through all the hoops, more loops are thrown! The Montessori school I had picked has decided to move from its lovely well lit location to move into several crappy houses instead. No, tuition has not been reduced, yes- they want the parents to come down and help them settle into the new place that we PAY for our kid to attend. And if this weren't already enough of an annoyance, the scholarship application process has been a nightmare. I keep calling and harassing them to make sure my daughter is given a fair chance at those funds, and am met with incompetence on all sides. I am polite when I call, not literally harassing, just trying to be vigilant!

4. Tell me something good.

Well, I love my sweet girls so so much. They are wonderful, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have them both. My Eloise is a beam of sunshine and my Scarlett is a ball of entertainment. Scarlett becomes more and more pleasant to be around by the day. She is looking forward to school starting. (not sure when it starts, gotta look into that.)

I can't think of much else to say, except that I love you all, and i love my family. My cup brimmeth over. -Red

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Wendy said...

Bummer about the ants! Bummer about the school. Yahoo for great painted walls. Love you too!