Friday, March 30, 2012

How NOT to make me wish you were dead at the movie theatre

Okay. Had a wonderful outing with my Husbands Mother and Sister tonight. We saw Mirror Mirror. The movie itself was quite fun and entertaining, but the following few things I could have done without:

Exhibit A- dear two young maybe-20year-old girls sitting next to me-- I can hear you talking non stop through the whole movie and you are annoying, not to mention a bit on the dumb side and should be exiled to your living room to watch made for tv movies on Lifetime. Perhaps I could have been a bit more forgiving were it not for:

Exhibit B- Dear elderly woman with foot-high crunchy, cotton candy looking, hairsprayed helmet hair and 5 gallons of perfume on: I hope your poor husband has lost his sense of smell because unfortunately for me, I have not, and am now graced with a jackhammer migraine thanks to aromatic overload. Whomever it was that said fragrances are poisonous and toxic was right. Illegal it should be to punish me so, however I could try to overlook this if it weren't for:

Exhibit C- girl sitting directly behind me with her shoes ON my chair! YES, kicking my freaking chair when she needs to reposition her stick figure body in her chair. I will admit, I prefer to put my feet up. I also purchase tickets on the row WITH THE BAR, because I believe in common courtesy. If you did not think ahead and there is someone seated in front of you, keep your Hands and Feet to YOURSELF, and when I turn around and LOOK at your shoes ON my seat, this would be the non verbal cue to remind you, that this is unacceptable. Apparently though you must have missed that memo at some point in your early 20something year old life.

Please friends, please tell me that these things annoy you, too. My heavens. Thank you for allowing me to rant, and thanks to my in law ladies for a fun time all things considered.



Wendy said...

This is a really funny post with all the pictures!

Allyson & Jere said...

I agree with WEndy, it is funny. And also....I agree with you on all points made. People just do not have common courtesy. The ones who talk loudly to eachother through movies are the MOST annoying ever! Sorry your experience was less than perfect.

Sarah S. Foote said...

Read this post months ago on my phone and forgot to comment. Way funny, so been there and suffered through that. AND I have been obnoxious myself at times. I especially love the illustrations AND YOU.