Wednesday, March 28, 2012

avoidance is not the answer...

I'm guilty. Guilty of avoiding this blog. Avoiding negative feelings I have toward people who don't probably even read my blog.. Can't believe how fast time is flying by.

We just found out we have 4 weeks from tomorrow to move from our Lehi, Ut home. It has finally sold and we will be on to new things, probably another shared dwelling. Economically it makes good sense to do things this way, and it is an extremely common state of affairs for most cultures outside of North America..

It's been sort of a rough couple days. Eloise, my sweet ray of sunshine, is sick, and while she is still lovely, her well equipped lungs are prevalent screaming tools. our ears ring. My oils have been to the rescue, but if she isn't feeling better by tomorrow I'm gonna take her to the doctor. She is also teething so i of course hate the idea of taking her in, only to have them say "its just a cold and teething" and StEAL yes i said steal, my money. I know, I know, paying for peace of mind... but I say there should be a reduced rate for that.

One plus in our lives of recent is the discover of some studies showing the extreme effectiveness of Melatonin with children who have difficulty sleeping, especially autism spectrum kids. We give Scarlett two chewable peppermint tablets and she is asleep in half an hour. It has truly been a blessing to be able to have a little time to ourselves in the evenings before our grown up bedtimes and for Scarlett to finally be sleeping in her BED!

I think my brain has shut off. It is past 10pm... I remember as a kid we would stay up late on occasion to finish up school projects and once it was after ten, Mom's brain grew foggy and we would joke that her brain quit after ten. sorry, no post will do justice to my long absence, but here I am, again, hoping to do better.
Love to all.

A couple weeks ago I went back to red haircolor.. here's an overexposed pic. I've decided to continue letting it grow. lots of love to all my friends still following me out there in cyberspace.



Molly said...

Love you Molls. xoxo

Wendy said...

I hope Ellie is doing better!

✩Molly✩ said...

thanks guys :) love you too. She does seem to be on the mend today. if she worsens tomorrow I'll take her in.