Thursday, September 8, 2011

School days

Scarlett started school last week. She is attending a special Ed afternoon preschool inside a local elementary school here in Lehi.

The school bus picks her up at around 1130 and brings her home around 350.

This is her off on her first day.

It proved to be a tough first day. But the second day went a lot better and she arrived home happy.

Today we are preparing for day 3 after the holiday. She is supposed to go 3 days a week: M, TH, F. I have already noticed a huge improvement in her temperament.

We are all well and doing fine here. I'm grateful for picking up a ton of clothes at the local kid2kid for only $10 total in the stuff a bag sale including that cute cherry vest and skirt :) sending my love to all. -Red

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Wendy said...

I miss me some Red Rawlins, Scarlett & Ellie!