Friday, May 6, 2011

Tea for two, Two for tea, buy one get one free.

Scarlett Paige and Ellie Jane had a bead tea party. It was the event of the season.

On an unrelated note, Scarlett now lets me know even when we are out that she needs to go potty and will go in the big potty if I hold her the whole time. She has now braved YC's and Dollar Trees restrooms. I would not recommend Dollar Tree's... It smelled really bad in there, and had no soap or paper towels.

I'm in love with these socks that I got for El at Dollartree but am sad that at size 6-12 mos they already almost look too small. Hmmf.

Ellies new favorite toy is the lid to my shoe box. If we spend much time together, I am sure you've seen my fall-apart hemp flip flops that I cant part with because I hadn't found anything comfy enough to replace them.

Yesterday Scarlett claimed her butterfly sandals were "too squish" and refused to put them on. She said she needed new shoes. A few weeks back we attempted to buy her some bargain basement slip ons for her but now they hurt to put on, and the flip flops i bought put a blister on my foot before we left the mall, so there was a waste of money. Anyway, off to payless we went, again. This time: Success.

God bless BOGO. Bought these rainbow tennies for $19.99.

Got these shoes originally $29.99 marked down to $10 half price for $5

Yes they're men's but so were my last comfys. They even looked kinda cute with these white capris (that now are stained in 6 different places from the outing) and my brown shirt I wore today.

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