Monday, May 9, 2011

Nothing Like another sick kid....

Up At 3am with a burning up temperature I attempted to give Scarlett medicine she was spitting back in my face. then I needed to wash her up, all the wipes in Ellie's room with her sleeping, I carried my sick sad girl to the bathroom to wash her up in the sink. So sad, so needy. Just wanting her mommy to make it better.

Eloise seems to finally be feeling better. I hope she doesn't catch whatever Scarlett has. I feel a smidge feverish myself now. Man I hate sickness. :(

Did have a nice Mothers Day. Great meetings at my parents ward, nice time spent together at my parents house yesterday evening. Joe bought me the slippers I asked for from the Avenue but apparently my feet are too small to buy shoes at the fat lady stores. My body is the right siZe just not my feet, lol. So I had to bring back the $5 slippers and got those gold octogon hoops and a pair of silver earrings for my Mom in exchange; she really seemed to like them.

Just as I ponder sleep I hear the other kid crying. Duty calls, good night.


Sarah S. Foote said...

Nooooooooooooo! So sorry sister. Must be going around. Guess Griffin had a fever the night before.
Love you!

Fiz said...

Its awful when kids get sick.. :|
Hope your lovely Scarlett gets better ASAP!