Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nothing seems right with a zit in your ear

My ear hurts so bad, Its pretty much all I can think about. Definitely makes my heart go out to Ellie with her ear ache. I did a lot more getting up in the night last night. She would pretty much wake up when the Tylenol wore off. She still seems like her tummy is bothering her, so gassy but not pooping. I'm really tired today.

Ellie is trying her best to play as usual, but like mom, her patience is not where it should be. Her cries are identical to that pig-to-the-slaughter squeal.

Scarlett woke up and quietly went straight to the computer to play games. She likes the games where you have to guide the character to jump and move, but often they are beyond her skillset, eventually after tiring of needing help she tries a different game.

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