Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Garden

 This morning, Scarlett kept saying she wanted to go to "the garden" but when I would ask her what that was, she would get frustrated. Finally she said, "You know, the garden with soup." I said, "you want to go to the Olive Garden?" "Yes, lets go to the Liv Garden. Baby Eloise wants to go to the liv garden"

We met up with my sister Wendy. It was fun to sit and chat with her. She could tell I was feeling exhausted and a little overwhelmed and took Scarlett home with her. Scarlett seemed happy to go with her, as she doesn't like to listen to Eloise fussy screams, and Wendy is just more fun than I am I guess. :)

I've arrived home and Ellie is sound asleep in her car seat so I thought I would hop in front of the computer to blog a bit while I have a chance. It is much easier to type on a keyboard than an iPhone screen, that's for sure.

love love, Red

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Wendy said...

We had a great time...we definitely tired her out!