Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Dress

My friend Nina gave me some clothes from when she and her sister were babies/toddlers back in the 80s and I love them! My favorite is definitely this red dress.

As soon as she put the dress on, I grabbed my phone to take pics, so naturally She decided to hide from the camera. All photos were captured with great precision and skill, I assure you.

Though we have been unable to understand why, one of Scarletts favorite things to talk about is "daddy's red dress". No my husband doesn't sport womensware. Scarlett often calls shirts a "dress" because you get "dressed" in a shirt. Subsequently, Joe normally sticks to the color code of black, grey, navy blue and maybe brown. My Mom gave him a red shirt that she bought for my Dad but he didn't like, and it was such a startling difference, that Scarlett loves to say out of the blue, "and my daddy wore a red dress". After an evening in the nursery on a RS night, the girl watching Scarlett had to know, why is daddy in a red dress? The world may never know.


Daniel doings said...

your girlies are just adorable!!!

AJ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture, eeek! You need to frame that and put it on your wall somewhere