Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jump up jump up, jump around!

Ellie Jane got a borrowed jumper from my Brother, Adam's wife Nikki about a week ago. It's exactly like the one Scarlett had, and she was an instant pro at maneuvering around to get all the toys... Whereas Scarlett had a hard time with those things as a baby. All the better that El is a fast study, I'm sure she will be chasing Scarlett in no time. Here are some pics.

Scarlett wanted to go to the "French fry restaurant"-- which is Pete's-- (also last week). Here's the pic from there.

Another day we met up with my sister Sarah at Chuck E Cheese, and Tyson and Scarlett cruised together in the Hydraulic Truck.

Ellie just watched and she was exhausted, though I must say it was wicked hot in there.

More sweet sisterly play has ensued.

Scarlett has had a couple dry nights but after a few wet nights, I've decided to keep her in a bedtime diaper.

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