Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Morning Eloise

Last night I went to bed with a migraine. Apparently it didn't return until I was entirely awake. I decided I had to get up when I went in to feed Ellie at 830. She already let me go back to sleep after her 5am feeding, so it only seemed fair to let her get up. She went to sleep at 745 last night.

Morning's beauty:

Scarlett woke up about an hour later. Joe tried his best to stay asleep on the couch, and was glad to be able to take back the "tent blanket". Scarlett fell asleep inside the tent. When I came out at 5 I saw her sitting up awake in the chair, tent decimated. She "weeweed on her Kiki", so I helped her into a bedtime diaper after feeding Eloise and let her come snuggle into bed with me. She loves my snuggles, and was soon fast asleep. Though brief it's reprieve, it was nice to have a break from my migraine through my sleeping hours.

Scarlett asked me this morning if we were going to school today. She already loves her new school, and she hasn't even started yet. She had her second evaluation yesterday morning at 8am. She qualifies for services in 4/5 of the categories, and will start preschool at Getz school beginning of August. She will go in the mornings, and the bus will take her and bring her home just in time for lunch Monday-Thursdays.

The therapists seem very nice and I am excited for Scarlett to get to work with them. Scarlett's favorite is Chris Schwann she is a lovely blonde woman with a welcoming smile. Scarlett instantly accepted her, and sat in her lap to talk to her. I think its a good sign that she wants to go back.


Pegasus Soaps said...

The kids are getting so big. :-)

babyhellfire said...

They are soo adorable! <3