Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some days are happier than others.

Eloise has been a bit "off" today. Been pretty cranky, I think maybe she is constipated or excessively gassy. I have done gas drops and tylenol. I have rocked, rubbed, patted, fed, fed, fed, but nothing really seems to appease. I have still managed to get her to sleep for some naps today, but her waking times are pretty much entirely fussy. I think she has a well check scheduled this week. I need to call her doc to confirm that tomorrow.

Scarlett has been in pretty good spirits today. Just being a 4 yr old :). We went to Wal-mart and picked up a few "price matching" items. We've figured out that the cheapest dinner for us is to do an oven pizza, and Albertsons (or maybe its Frys?) has them--Red Barons--for $2.77 a piece. Hot pockets are 3 (two packs) for $5. Oh, and a word to those of you who try to do the price match game at Wal-mart, they do NOT match the ranchers market ads. So they lie when they say they will match *any* ad. I was really excited about getting 3 lbs of navel oranges for a buck, but alas, I had to leave them there.

Last night I stayed up much too late fiddling with the fonts on my blog, and am now contented again with their  appearance. Thanks Anjeanette for telling me about how easy it was to change.

Eloise is napping and Scarlett wants a bath, so off I go. More posts with pictures soon, and hopefully Ellie Belly will spring back to her happy self again after naptime.

x's and o's,

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