Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tomorrow tomorrow, you're only a day away.

Dear Eloise,

Tomorrow is your due date. It would be awesome if you could just make things happen bright and early on that day, or tonight after Daddy gets home from work. Mommy has tried her best to remain patient, but is no longer sleeping well with you on the inside, so please do me a solid, and come out soon. Grammy Rawlins is really excited to meet you and would like to do so before she has to go back to Utah on Saturday. Scarlett has been practicing with her baby doll pushing in the swing and playing with your bouncer. She is going to be a great big sister, hopefully :). I will do my best to make sure she is soft and gentle with you. You have lots of adorable clothes to wear.

Daddy and I are so excited to see your beautiful face, and hold you in our arms. We already love you so much. We hope you are nice and healthy when you come out, and that you like to sleep, and eat well for us. I hope your head isn't too big, and that we can have you without any need for a C-Section, but as long as you are healthy that is our number one priority.

Love, your Mommy.

The baby has definitely dropped, my center of gravity is a bit off now, and I find myself having to walk on my tippy toes to remain standing. I've been doing laundry and getting things organized in the house, and have had lots of help from Rita the past few days.  She helped us organize the room that was Joe's office, getting my craft table out of the living room, and also still leaving room for her air mattress and computer to go on the table in there for the next few days; She is going to come stay with us until she heads back to UT Saturday. Glenn will be coming into town Saturday morning, so hopefully El will be with us by then so they can meet, too, before they make the drive.

I got the arrangements made for the glider to be dropped off at Sarah's house by my friend Tracey. I am planning to have the final cluttered space in my bedroom cleared so we can put the chair in my room as planned. My friend Nina brought us lunch and some clothes from when she and her older sister were babies, and they are just great. Back then, they really dressed babies like dolls instead of little grown-ups.  One of the outfits was actually made out of polyester.. sooo great.

Still need to install the baby seat bases in the cars. I'll try to have Joe do that when he gets home tonight. He has been super busy with work, and I have been trying to allow him to work long hours so that he feels less behind when he has to take time off when the baby comes.

Love to all, thanks for reading, and for being our dear sweet friends and family. We love you all, and can't wait to be able to tell you that our Eloise Jane is here.

xoxo, Red Rawlins


Allyson & Jere said...

Oh Molly, I'm sorry you're at this point. Truly the worst place in the pregnancy. Hang in there, I'll keep a finger crossed for you to actually have that little baby SOON!!

✩Molly✩ said...

Bless you!

Lindsey Layton said...

Oh good luck with everything!!!