Thursday, October 28, 2010

YOU WANT THE TRUTH?!!? you can't handle the truth...

In this fine pic, I am wearing the awesome flower that I won back in that giveaway on It was my happy reward for checking the mailbox today. I really like it.. even more on than I thought I would when I opened the envelope and looked at it the first time... Also it is just the right size, not so bulky that I get sick of having it on my head.... and comfy enough that I totally took a nap with it on and didn't even realize it! That is an impressive feat. MeThinks Camille could make some good money selling these. Seriously. 

Anyway-- back to the point of the title of this post--

I try not to be entirely dillusional. I am also not going to come out and say I am a realist, because full-on reality can be even more disturbing than living entirely in lala-land. I do attempt to reside someplace in-between. Even though I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, I am willing to admit that they may not tell me I can have my baby this weekend, even though that IS what I want.  They might tell me that if I don't have the baby by the 4th, I can go in and get on patocin so that we can bring baby E here. I am just wanting her to come in enough time that my Mother-in-Law will be able to help with Scarlett while we are in the hospital and for the first few days after she is born. And while I am trying to have a vaginal birth this time, I know there is a possibility of C-section and I REALLY don't want to have no help with my 4 year old when I physically can't lift her or even hardly move.

Today I am 39 weeks. Please, everyone pray that she comes soon... not only because I am impatient, but for the sake of my sanity. I swear there isn't any more room in here for her to get any bigger!



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Eloise!!! come out come out wherever you are!!


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