Saturday, October 30, 2010

What can I say? And would you want to hear it?

It has recently occurred to me that I may come off as ANNOYING to some people with my updates on my pregnancy. That some people are of the mind that you should just keep your trap shut until after your due date and then you can really wish your baby were here. All I know, is that I waited patiently for Scarlett and still ended up with a C section, which I don't call a happy ending.... so I am just trying to do my best here to be optimistic.

I ran into a friend of mine who was due the week before me, and saw her sweet little boy at the block Halloween party tonight. Her baby is so sweet, tiny, and loveable, and not inside her belly anymore! Will admit, smidge jealous. :)

So, if you are annoyed with my updates, don't read them. Easy enough right? But, that might be why I have shut up for a few days, I hate to be a nuisance.

Last night, I was having steady contractions, a lot of which were like 5 mins apart, so I thought to myself: this is it! We packed up Scooby, and met Rita at the hospital and she took Scooby back home for us, at 1am... I got checked, was 3cm and 50% effaced still, just like when I was checked at the OB that day. They had me lay there for an hour and then came back and checked me, and said there was no progress, so I should go home. Was a bummer, but now I know I will NOT be going to the hospital until I am on the verge of death with contractions, or my water breaks, and that none of the doctors seem to think that we should even think about induction until Friday if I haven't had the baby yet.

I'm hoping not to lose Rita back to UT before the baby arrives, though My Mom says that she will help me to arrange to have some help from some of my fam as I need it with the baby, no matter when she comes. That is reassuring.

I will post Halloween pics/post tomorrow, assuming nothing happens and the baby still isn't here by tomorrow.



nermalasu said...

Come on Ellie!!! We want a Halloween baby!!! I personally love your updates! I've never had a pregnancy so I only know the basics. It's good to know what goes on, plus I love getting to know you! Like you said, if you don't want to hear about the pregnancy, don't read. Love you hun!

Xinaed said...

It's refreshing to read about pregnancy, with a more honest approach. So many women believe that just because pregnancy is this huge gift, etc, that it is wrong to speak ill of it's effects.

When in reality, it can be very tiresome on both the body, and the mind. It can be very painful, again, both for the body, and the mind.

Don't let others influence you negatively. If it helps for you to get these posts out, by all means, post! :)

Love you muchos Miss Molly.

The Waits said...

it's hard to brush off what others think or say about your particular situation. I think there is nothing with updating everyone on how your pregnancy is going.