Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning with a Smile on my face.

It's Sunday morning. Don't seem to be having any contractions or anything. I think Eloise, like her Sister Scarlett wishes to stay in my belly forever. Whomever of you voted that she would come on 11/5, you are not my favorite... lucky for you, it was an anonymous poll and I have NO idea who you are...

I slept pretty good last night. Scooby let me put pajamas on her which makes me happy, helps me not stress all night about whether she is warm enough. She inherited my blanket kicker gene (I could never keep myself covered as a kid, and remember waking up cold SO many times, and I am sure I was always wearing pajamas, but Scooby's are long sleeved and fleecy pants.

Paul and Lizette came and helped Joe move his big desk out of his office this morning. They are moving into a new workspace off of McDonald and Broadway. He kindly woke me up to let me know they were here. I am glad... I got a really nice hug from Lizette... still sort of floating around after. The love of friends is such a powerful thing.. can really boost your mood just knowing that someone truly cares about you.

The weather out at 7ish in the morning is pretty nice. I suppose I can see why some people enjoy waking up early. Still pretty sure it is not my thing. Still haven't installed the car seat or assembled the stroller. Still haven't packed my hospital bag, but thanks for the tips to those who did leave some in the comment thread of last post. this link seems to have a pretty good list.... perhaps I'll use that too.

Went grocery shopping yesterday. Zoom in on my empty bank accounts. I sure hope we get some money in again soon... I sometimes wish I had more skills or valuable stuff to sell. Used my free movie pass to see "It's kind of a funny story" last night with Wendy. It was a great movie.

I love my life. Love my Family, Love my readers. Love my Plurk and FB friends. I think Scarlett is getting more excited for the baby to come. She is beginning to truly understand that baby sister is coming, and that it will be okay. We did watch Dumbo recently so I am pretty sure she thinks the stork will bring the baby. Hopefully that isn't the part she is excited about. :)



Wendy said...

Are they already moving into the new office? Hopefully Monday will bring checks in the mail, and good news on the insurance front. Cute widget on the side with the flower that says Eloise!

Allyson & Jere said...

So glad that you are happy and smiley this morning. It's always so nice to have "Good" days. What is the situation with the insurance?

✩Molly✩ said...

I have the last bit of paperwork they asked for when they did the phone interview all ready to fax in the morning. Then I'm going to call and get someone on the phone to give me a status update so that I can tell my OB so they will keep seeing me. I have another OB appointment on Tues at 11. If they deny me, then I suppose we will just have to file for bankruptcy after the baby is born.

✩Molly✩ said...

hey, someone ELSE voted for the 5th?! What gives!!?