Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pictures on Fancy Cameras....

My Mom also gave me this cute Scarecrow when
she was over on Monday. It is fall after all!
OKAY, so if I have a memory card with photos on it, can't I just take that down to Walgreens and they will make me a CD/ disk with all the pics on it that I can take home to share with my friends? Apparently Joe says I have to connect some sort of card reader to my computer and that sounds complicated, and I am annoyed that I haven't been able to access all those pics from my baby shower to post on my blog yet. The pics on this post are not taken with the fancy camera, but with my iPhone, not that I am saying my iPhone isn't wonderful, i LOVE it.... just sayin'.

On Monday, my Mom and buddy Brooklin came over and helped me clean/organize my living areas and help me get all of the baby clothes settled. We ended up swapping Scarlett's and E's dressers with one another, (luckily Scarlett has no idea which one was hers originally or not... and could care less about such things) which has actually been a good thing for all. Been doing lots of laundry and being a better housekeeper. I love how a clean house smells when you walk in... so much better than a dirty house.

Only things left to do for the baby are:
I hung these on the wall in my bedroom and once
I finish washing all the clothing on the floor,
 I am going to put the rocker/glider underneath this. 
  • Get the Glider/Rocker from my friend Tracey who lives in Chandler/Gilbert area.
  • Get the Double Stroller put together... still hoping for a volunteer to come help me with that task!
  • Install the baby's car seat base in my car. 
  • Pack my Hospital bag... looking for a good checklist to tell me ALL of the important things I need to put in there.
  • I need a pedicure, and a decent 'Do. I should also moisturize my face more often, I am starting to look like a scale-y lizard face. 
  • More laundry.

Joe and I went and saw Social Network today at 2 in the afternoon. We had re-admit passes from when we tried to take Scarlett to that new owl movie... she did awful and we had to leave. I was glad we got to see this one for free in leu of watching that entire movie (thought Wendy took her boys and they really enjoyed it).

Scarlett has mosquito bites on her feet (the foot ones itch the very most!), and they also like to bite her on her arm right at the edge of her short sleeve (the last one had just healed, and now AGAIN)... a kid with an itchy mosquito bite is a pitiful thing, indeed. Seriously Mosquitos-- please leave AZ immediately, go bug someone else. 

You can see my cute little "e" for Eloise here over her dresser.
Can't wait for this little girl to come out! :)
OB says I am 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. Could have this baby any time... hoping for Saturday but I know that's unlikely.... Monday would be nice too. My Mother in law Rita is coming at the beginning of the week which will make it the most convenient for having someone to watch Scarlett during the fun labor process.

Give me your tips, your must-have hospital bag ideas, anything else you want to tell me.  Hope you all are enjoying your week.



Jamie said...

yes, memory stick can make a CD and if you take the baby seat with you to the Fire Department they will install the seat properly into your car. I like the red writing it is easier to read. Her little area is SO cute!

babyhellfire said...

I should have brought my hand pump breast pump- who knew my milk would come in soo early and be so engorged the baby wouldn't latch?! that last day in the hosp was hell- on that note i could have also due to remember I would need a shirt with more boob space.

I brought a comfy pillow from home in labor that was my fav thing. Hospital pillows are weird. Lipgloss is also essential they dehumidify hosp air it is soo drying.

I LOVE the decorations. Beautiful.Getting soo excited for you :)

Kelsi Rose said...

I have never had a baby, so I have no advice in that area. But, the room is adorable. I will pray for your baby to come soon. Love you!

Allyson & Jere said...

You can go to Walgreens and put any device in, memory card, memory stick, whatever and it will make or print out a cd or pictures. Not complicated, I promise. You also should be able to just put the thing into your computer and upload them all as well.

Wendy said...

we have a card reader, Brian said would work for you.