Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rainy day Remarks

When you live in an arid desert, a little rain, or a lot... is an EVENT. Everyone runs to their Facebooks, and says things like, "OMG It's raining!" or "Hail storm, say what?!" We don't do things like check the forecast to plan our wardrobes for the day, assuming that today, just like every day for the last 3 months will be record breaking triple digit heat.... so today, I wore a sun-dress with a tank-top underneath... and it not only rained, but hailed. Scarlett and I were out to lunch with my sister Wendy when the storm appeared out of nowhere. Afterward we decided to run to Walmart. Wendy dropped us off in front of the store and yet, we still got pretty wet. This is Scarlett, wrapped in the blanket that I had fortunately brought with us.

here is another pic to show that Scarlett has pigtails today.

Around here, Pigtails let alone ponytails in general are no simple feat. Scarlett thinks that they are the most terribly inhumane treatment to her head. She whined and cried for I kid you not... an hour, because she had ponytails. But, by the end of the day today, she came to grips with the fact that I wasn't going to take them out, AND that they didn't hurt anymore.... Imagine that. 

The day before, I attempted a single pony, it was much less successful... worked its way out quickly and still looked like a mess by the end of the day. And, she also of course whined and sobbed the entire time it occupied her head. Yes, for the past two rainy days, Scarlett has been our Rainbow. She loves this shirt, almost as much as the cupcake shirt.... which funny enough is also red.

Three days ago, we went to Ross to pick up Joe some exercise shorts... Joe made the mistake of taking Scarlett by the toy section and caved.. he let her have this tea set, which she absolutely loves and adores. Here is a pic of her having tea with her Dad. 

That self same afternoon, I attempted to get Scarlett ready to attend a birthday party. When I went to put her shoes on, she cried out, that they were too small and that they hurt her foot. 

(particularly her right foot which while they were on, she walked on her foot entirely sideways scaring the poop outta me. Joe told me to buy her new shoes before I had the panic attack over something being wrong with her foot... and he was right) 

So, we had to make a pit stop at Payless Shoesource and thank heavens it is BOGO time. Scarlett did not want sneakers so we went the sandal route. She is now in size 9. She got the white flower sandals in this size, (which she has previously owned in 2 other sizes) as well as these lovelies: 

Butterfly Sandals for the win! She liked them so much, she wore them out of the store (you can see that the tag is still on)

I went to the OB on Monday, and Eloise is head down. After Thursday, the doctors will do nothing to stop me from delivering, if I go into labor. Ellie loves to click me and run amok in my belly. I can't wait to meet her. Again, remember to vote on the arrival poll to the right. 

My heartburn is killing me, so I am going to bed now. 

Tums and Thunderstorms.

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Wendy said...

That rain has been something else! Getting my electricity knocked out was icing on the rain storm cake. Jeez, I shall enjoy a break from all that!