Monday, October 25, 2010

Pregnancy 38 weeks 4 days.

Headed to the OB at 11:40...

They said at 38 weeks they would strip my membranes, so that is the plan today!

Hoping for me, it will be like those ladies who go into labor within 8 hrs... But I'm not holding my breath.

I feel like the baby is dropping.

More and more difficult to roll over at night or move to get up to go to the bathroom.

No steady contractions.

Joe is working a lot, and I miss having him home more,  but once the baby comes hopefully he will be around a bit more at least for a little while *fingers crossed* Also of course hoping that there is money to accompany all this work he is doing... that at least makes it seem like there is a purpose for my lonely feelings... besides being just a moody mess of a pregnant woman.

Definitely didn't cry all day long yesterday like I did the day before.

I helped out with my sister's fund raiser at Peter Piper Pizza last night, and came home and joined the Walk for Autism Speaks. I figure even if I can't attend in the end, the support is key.

All donations to this worthy cause are welcome, and you can donate on my page right HERE... so click away! There is also a tax form you can print out after donating, so you can just write it off, and know you have done something great to support the awareness of Autism and its widespread effect on this generation!

I'll keep you guys posted, as I always do.... of our progress after today's appointment.


babygirl cricket said...

Hang in there sweetie - before you know that beautiful baby will be here! Please txt me when you go into labor so I can send you support and good thoughts. Will try to get the baby blanket sent soon, sorry I haven't yet - things have been tight here.

Love you doll! xoxo

boot said...

Can Eloise come out and play?